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The purpose of these pages is to demonstrate one fact:

The four hands of a bridge deal are structurally interdependent.

  • A defender uses the dummy to generate a prism.

  • The prism governs single suit and parity relationships in the two closed hands.

Defenders can employ signals that describe these  relationships.  The suggested methods are not tested and may be no better than any others that might be concocted.

Playability and practicality are not discussed; nor is the  integration of prism signals with other basic signals.

Cost/benefit of the signals is not measured in terms of IMP's, match points or mental acuity. This is your brain...This is your brain on prism signals...Poached.

Terms such as proxy suit and individual suit are loosely defined and are the subject matter for meticulous partnership agreements.

When is a card played as a signal? When is a played card forced and not a signal? Undiscussed.

Perhaps defenders should play prism signals routinely. Perhaps, only when a player preempts and subsequently defends with lots of long suit spots. Perhaps...I don't want to think about it.

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